Sunday, July 19, 2009


Once I made the Jordan Strikers comp soccer team, I heard the word conditioning many times and was nervous that my coach was going to kick the living daylight out of me. My coach feels that we should be physically fit for the comp level we are playing at. Since we are going to be playing in the Park City Tournament, we will be playing Sparta and a lot of other highly competitive teams. We practice as a team every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and have Conditioning on Saturdays. On Saturdays we have to run 4 miles non stop and have to get under 30 minutes, have to run a mile up a steep hill, do 50 sit-ups, 50 push-ups, do stretches that made me ache all over, and had to run ladders. After that, my whole body aches. I hope by doing this, it will help to fight my asthma and strenghthen my lungs.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Yard Work and Lawn Care

I am trying to earn some money this Summer. I put an ad on and have 3 peoples lawn's to take care of. I charge $5 an hour. I will mow your lawn, Weed, Weedwack your lawn, clean up afterwards, and will do any other outdoor jobs that you think of. If you would like me to do your lawn, call me at (801)-759-0626

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Soccer Tournament

I recently played a tournament up in Eden. This is my favorite place to play because it is so green and the lake is so cool and very big. Our first game we played was an easy one because we played a team from Cottonwood that we beat 12-0 at our last tourn. The score was the very same. The next two games we had to play to get to the finals were pretty hard but we managed to win both. Now that we are finally at the finals, we are getting really nervous because there is this team that is a comp team and has a really good team. Our first game in the finals was really easy but they were very phisical. The one game we have all been waiting for. The Championship game. The other team was of course the comp team. We started out the game really slow but we ended up scoring the first point of the gaame but, they came right back and made a goal. Until the fourth quarter it was all tied up. The game ended up being 3-1! We won! It was so funny to see the look on there faces. You could so tell they planed on winning.

Thursday, December 25, 2008


I love to ski up in Park City. I am really excited for this year and hope that we get pounded with snow. I really like the ski day where we get to ski with the whole family because if someone wants to go on the EASY runs everybody else will go on the harder runs. I am really excited to go on McKonky's Bowl this year because it is my favorite run. I am really loooking forward to this years skiing.

Sunday, November 16, 2008


I have been playing guitar for 2 full years now. I really enjoy it and am getting better every day. I wouldn't be having fun if it wasn't for Scott ( my guitar teacher). I am glad I get to pick my own songs because I engoy playing songs I know. I have played Jack Johnson, Dashboard Connfessionals, Coldplay, Matchbox 20,Colective Soul, and O.A.R. I am hoping that I will get an acoustic guitar soon because I like the sound a little bit more than the eletric. I love guitar and think it is an awesome talent.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Jackson Hole

In August of 2007,we the three of us and my Nana went to Jackson Hole Wyoming for three days.We woke up really early in the morning then instantly left to drive the long drive. Once we got in Wyoming, we went to the Snow King Resort to check in our room.It ended up as my Nana and I taking all the lugage up to our room. We stayed at the Snow King Resort hotel by the resort. We couldn't find our room but, once we found it, it was in remodling. So the clerk gave us a suite for all the trouble. In the suite, there was one full room, a kichen,laundry room and a front room. I thought it was so cool to stay in a suite through the weekend.The first thing we did was go Alpine Sliding. The next day we went river rafting on a ranking of 3. I thought it was so fun to do that for 2 hours. The first hour was just a scienic ride, the second one was really bumpy and fun. When it was flat, I got to jump into the freezing water. The next day we drove out to the Grand Tetons on a road that took us through the mountains. I thought all the colors were so pretty up there. I thought that trip was so cool!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Scout camp out

A couple weeks ago, I went up Big Cottonwood canyon for a scout camp out. There are only 5 people in my scouts including me. On Friday, we left at 5:00 to go up to the camp sight to set up our tents. When we got there and set up our 6 man tent for us and a 2 man tent for the leaders we went straight to cutting wood! Since it was a six man tent for us 4 we had so much room. After we got done eating we went into our tent and just talked. While we were in the tent, our leaders came in and said they heard a mountain lion or a bear. I was REALLY scared all night because of that. I also heard many growls in the night and many moans. In the morning my leaders told me that they saw the bear in a tree and leap off the tree at a deer or moose. We wanted to see some blood or something so we went over there but there wasn't anything except for some poop. I can not wait for the week nighter and the 50 mile hike!!!!!!!!!!